Making Divorce as Smooth as Possible for Kids

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It's important to comfort children with love and attention during and after a divorce.

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Positive communication, cooporation, and coordination will make family separation easier for children.

A Broken Home is Difficult for Children

Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially so for children as they have grown up always understanding their parents were a duo that would never be split up. Being transferred from house to house between parents within the span of every few days or from week to week can be hard on them, especially if their parents refuse to cooperate. Cooperation and good communication can help immensely in the transition of children between two homes.

Cooperation and Coordination

Cooperation between parents gives the children a sense of security that their parents are still willing to work together despite being separated. While tensions may run high due to the divorce, being cordial towards the ex will go a long way in making the joint-custody process easier to bear. Being coordinated allows parents to plan schedules and living arrangements much easier compared to the couple giving each other the “silent treatment”.

Communication is Key to Making It Work

Good communication is also another thing to invest in when splitting the children between ex-spouses. When parents are willing to inform each other of each child’s needs and concerns, it allows for easier planning of solutions. Another type of good communication may be to refrain from bad mouthing the other spouse in front of the children. This causes distrust between the parents and children and may lead to kids disliking one or both parents.

Controlling Anger and Bitterness

While cooperation and communication are great for scheduling and planning, not all parents are good at keeping a lid on their rage against their ex. This may lead to one or both parents losing their temper about custody issues and end up in another heated argument rather than discussing custody arrangements. When custody negotiations fail, a child custody lawyer can help create a fair shared-custody agreement that is acceptable on both sides.

Comforting the Children

Taking custody of a child after splitting up with a spouse may be a difficult thing, but excellent communication and cooperation can make the process much easier and more tolerable. When watching the separation of two people that were always perceived as a team, children need some kind of security that despite being broken up, their parents still love them and are able to work together. This may require the adults to swallow some pride, but the end result is well worth it and more peaceful.